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Kait and Joe

For years, Kait and Joe hung in the same crowd with many mutual friends without crossing paths. When Kait lived in Philadelphia, friends finally visited, bringing Joe along. The two met at Love Park and became instant friends. One night when Kait was finally single, the two were walking to Pat's Cheesesteaks and Joe told her he was going to marry her, explaining exactly how he was going to propose: someday, as Jack White sang “their song,” “Hotel Yorba.”

It was years later that Jack White headlined their favorite festival, Bonnaroo. Joe had a custom-designed ring in his pocket, made from rubies from his mother and his grandmother's engagement diamond, with the Bonnaroo symbol in the center. It hadn’t been a sure thing, but Jack White did break into “Hotel Yorba” and Joe made his proposal.

They were married by Kait's aunt under a beautiful full autumn moon on a pristine organic farm in the rolling farmland near their home, making use of nearly every acre of apple orchard, Japanese medicinal garden, tree grove, farm houses and barn. Joe and Kait planned and organized every detail, purchased all their decoration second hand at flea markets and were introduced with a string quartet version of “Hotel Yorba.” The bridesmaids' tartan plaid was custom made and designed by Johanna Forta of Mertztown. Their wedding featured two live bands, a mini taco bar and specialty autumn cocktails. A handmade family tree of framed photos brought loved ones past and present to the event.

I'd love to capture the best moments of your important life celebrations.



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Wedding Post #1

Favorite Themes and Backgrounds

23 years and 400 weddings later, I have done all kinds of themes, seasons, places.  Inside the wedding venues and outside the fields, forests, snowy woods, stunning fall colors, barns, water falls, lakes, boats, old alley ways, plush buildings, flower gardens, architectural marvels, name it. 

My couples and I can get quite creative in picking out the backgrounds and the poses that my couple feel best represent them. 

Some want funny and funky. Some want traditional and colorful.  For black and white, the architectural spaces with light work beautifully.  For nature in the background, colors do the best justice.  


I also pay close attention to logistics - the time to get there, needing special props or care - especially if we have to go into a field or grass or pebbly path on high heels.